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Your guide to success in the evolving onchain social landscape.


Today I’m going to provide details about the value and benefits you can expect to receive as a subscriber to this newsletter.

I’ll also define the terms onchain creator and on onchain social and explain why I think they are massive opportunities no matter what your goals are with social media.

Finally, I’ll outline my content schedule so you have an idea of what’s on deck.

Let’s dive in.

Making Money Onchain

My goal with this newsletter is to share key insights that will help you prosper and make money in the onchain creator economy.

The onchain creator economy is a digital economy supported by a number of new and emerging social apps built on blockchains and open source decentralized protocols.

I will track and monitor all the developments in the emerging onchain social landscape and share with you my inside knowledge, what I’m seeing, learning, testing and investing in.

I’ll send you the alpha you need to position yourself for success in the new world of onchain social media.

You’ll also get my honest opinions and advice on which apps are good, which ones suck and how to make money with them.

I’ll also tell you what social tokens might be worth investing in or trading and show how to leverage new web3-native monetization tools to build sustainable onchain wealth and income streams.

Sometimes I’ll share the wisdom, advice and content strategies of other top onchain content creators or builders in my network.

My content will help everyone – from onchain social newbies to veteran web3 natives already using onchain social media apps.

In the end, I hope my insights provide a full understanding of the opportunities that exist across the onchain social landscape as they evolve.

What is an Onchain Creator?

An Onchain Creator is anyone publishing content or building apps on decentralized social networks or onchain social protocols.

I see onchain creators as the next generation of online content creators and businesses, who publish and build “onchain” (on a blockchain).

Today, onchain creators are early digital pioneers exploring and using onchain social media apps like Diamond on DeSo, Warpcast on Farcaster or Hey on Lens (to name a few).

I chose the term Onchain Creators for this newsletter because it’s simple.

The name passes the “Mom test” which means I can explain it to my mom in 30 seconds. (No offense if you’re a tech savvy mom, my mom is not.)

The term Onchain Creators also sounds like online creators and most people know what that means.

Ok, but why? 🤔

What’s so special about being an onchain creator vs an online creator and why onchain social vs online social?

What Is Onchain Social Media?

Onchain social media is a new approach to social media that fixes several key problems common in the largest, most popular social networks in use today.

Perhaps you’ve already had these problems yourself, issues related to…

  • Privacy & Security

  • Content/Data Ownership

  • Security & Data Privacy

  • Moderation, Censorship & Deplatforming

  • Misinformation & Disinformation

  • Annoying & Creepy Advertising

  • Bots & Scammers

  • Algorithmic Bias & Manipulation

  • Political Bias & Influence

In future newsletters, I’ll discuss each of these problems in-depth.

For now, just know that these problems serve as key narratives for why onchain social networks are so desperately needed.

Current social networks are ultimately flawed and unsustainable.

Onchain social networks offer a more open and fair social experience to EVERYONE, from all walks of life, regardless of where you’re from or your personal, religious or political views.

Elon Musk wants X (formerly Twitter) to be a global social network for free speech, but I question whether that’s possible. As long X remains mostly monetized by ads, this goal will be a very difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

Onchain social networks will have a much easier path to achieve the same goal.

Existing social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are centralized applications, run by for-profit companies, that rely (mostly) on advertising revenue to exist.

On these existing social networks, YOU are the product. Massive social networks (like Facebook) use aggregated data from billions of users to serve ads. It’s a model that’s worked well for over 2 decades, but at a cost to users.

Onchain social will offer a better underlying infrastructure and user experience with native onchain monetization tools and revenue sharing for users.

Even users not using onchain social media intentionally to make money, can still earn something just for being present and active. In some cases, the earlier you start using some of these platforms, the more you’ll earn!

Onchain Social Media Is Like AI

Ultimately, I believe every successful online creator today will eventually become an onchain creator. The most successful will be both.

The analogy here is similar to what’s happening with AI.

Most successful online content creators today are using multiple AI tools for creating content or to make their business run more efficiently.

I like to say (and you can quote me here)…

If you’re not leveraging the tools of the times, you will be left behind.

As a marketer, I fully believe in the saying that “AI won’t take your job, but another marketer using AI, will.”

Similarly, online content creators taking steps to build their audience onchain and publish onchain will future-proof their personal brand or business.

Onchain Creators Vision & Content Schedule

Most newsletters I publish going forward will fall into 1 of 7 different content categories on topics related to onchain social media.

This is subject to change depending on my availability, but this is my tentative content schedule for now:

Monday | Onchain Social News (Weekly Recap)

Every Monday I will publish a weekly summary of the top 5 to 10 major news stories or events related to onchain social media.

Tuesday | Social Token Tuesday (SocialFi Sync)

On Tuesdays I will share my thoughts on a specific social token or something related to social finance (SocialFi). In this post I will share my insights into the financial aspects of onchain social media, native monetization tools, and money-making strategies used by top onchain creators.

Wednesday | Why Onchain Social Media?

On Wednesdays I will offer insights into the many narratives and problem-solution sets fueling demand for onchain social networks. I’ll also explain how these problems are solved for you on different platforms.

Thursday | Onchain Social Platform Review

On Thursdays I will publish reviews and how-to guides related to specific onchain social platforms and onchain social apps. I’ll share the pros and cons of each platform so you can decide which ones align best with your goals.

Friday | Onchain Creator Spotlight

Every Friday I will publish personal stories of onchain creators and builders who are shaping the future of social media and social networking. This will likely be in written format first, but could later become a podcast.

Saturday | Onchain Social Metrics (Monthly)

On the 2nd Saturday of each month I’ll send you a recap of the onchain social metrics with charts and graphs showing user growth and other key metrics for the top onchain social platforms.

Sunday | Onchain Social Landscape (Quarterly)

On the 2nd Sunday of each quarter I’ll send you an updated version of the Onchain Social Landscape infographic which visually maps out a snapshot of the entire onchain social market. I’ll also include my notes personal notes and insights regarding the landscape and how I see it evolving.

The best part? You get all this for FREE!

Currently, I have no plans to offer a premium subscription, but that could change. In the short term, I may include links to affiliate products and services in my newsletters and eventually, paid sponsors or sell my own digital products.

That’s it for now.

If you enjoyed this post, the best thing you can do right now is share it online, and onchain! ⛓️

I’m happy to connect with you on your preferred social network.

As always, I appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have.




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