Get The F*ck Off TikTok

Why TikTok sucks and 2 decentralized social app alternatives that pay you crypto to post short form video content.

I don’t use TikTok and you probably shouldn’t either.

Yes, this is my contrarian 🔥 hot take on TikTok, but maybe I’m not alone.

Why? Because better alternatives now exist.

Is TikTok dead? The short answer, no.

Despite being an extremely addictive yet controversial social media app, there’s a lot of money at stake in TikTok.

As you may know, the social media app has been under increased scrutiny lately over worries that it has ties to the Chinese government.

Reports have also shown that TikTok usage (especially among teenagers and young adults) is linked to mental health issues, depression and even suicide.

Also, in a recent presentation at OMR24, the always optimistic 😜 Scott Galloway said:

“TikTok is the most ascended platform in history… but also an incredible security threat…”

Yeah, I know, I know. Some of you reading this will be triggered by this and maybe call it boomer thinking, but it doesn’t change the facts.

Scott goes on to say that TikTok is like:

“…we have let the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) implant a neural jack into the wet matter of all of our [western/democratic] youth. We’re raising a generation of civic nonprofit, military, and business leaders who feel worse and worse about the West, every day, all hidden in a bunch of cute dance videos. It [TikTok] should absolutely be banned in the west. It’s incredible that we've been this stupid for this long.”


TikTok Competes With Netflix

Scott also mentions the reason why the TikTok algorithm is so powerful - It’s because it has incredible signal liquidity. He thinks TikTok is on a path to compete head-on with Netflix.

Netflix only collects about 4 data points from users consuming content on its streaming platform.

TikTok can collect data on up to 78 user signals every hour and it uses that data to calibrate in real-time. This effectively allows TikTok to know what you like before you even know what you like. Is that cool or creepy?

Honestly, I think it’s kind of cool. I don’t think social media algorithms are necessarily evil by themselves. It all depends on who designs the algorithm, who uses it, how it’s used and for what purpose or end goal.

Technology is a always a double-edge sword.

Will TikTok Be Banned In The United States?

Despite deep concerns about the social video app, Scott thinks TikTok will not be banned in the U.S.

Scott predicts ByteDance (the business behind TikTok) will ultimately divest interests in the U.S., calming geopolitical concerns, causing its stock price to surge and making it one of the 7 most valuable companies in the world by 2027.

TikTok is potentially a windfall opportunity for its investors, but like most major social networks today, it comes at the expense of its users.

I was an early TikTok user (2018), but recently deleted the app.

I’ve been using social networks since 2002 and I’ve been a social media marketer since 2010.

Today, as a parent, I definitely have concerns about TikTok, but I totally understand why it’s loved and used by millions of Americans and people throughout the western world — especially those under the age of 30.

I love music and dancing just as much as anyone else. And, I have no doubts that short form video content is a social media trend that’s here to stay.

Yet, despite it being a first mover in this space, I don’t think TikTok represents the best platform for type of medium.

Decentralized TikTok Alternatives Emerge

In recent years, other web2 social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have their platform and made algorithm changes to encourage the sharing of more short form video content (video shorts) like TikTok.

I would argue that these platforms are not much better than TikTok in certain key areas. They’re still centralized platforms, vulnerable to security and privacy breaches, censorship and manipulation.

New web3 social video apps now exist as decentralized TikTok alternatives.

These onchain social apps are not controlled by any one person, group, company or government and they allow you to post content without fear of censorship or deplatforming.

Today, onchain social apps like Drakula and Focus are represent a new generation of decentralized social media apps. These apps allow you to post, share and engage with video content without creepy algorithms, without geo-political concerns, without data privacy concerns and without selling your soul to the communists. 🫡

TikTok, on the other hand, is a soul-sucking algorithmic monster - It may be the worst social media app of all time when it comes to user data and privacy.

Drakula Sucking The Blood Out Of TikTok?

Onchain Creators get rewarded for posting on Drakula

Drakula is a new blockchain-based video social app and TikTok alternative built on Farcaster. Drakula users can login with Farcaster and receive 250 BLOOD points, which are used as rewards and can be earned by watching and posting videos, sharing links, and purchasing creator tokens.

BLOOD points on Drakula foster community engagement, while $DEGEN tokens (a memcoin adopted by the Farcaster community), serve as the primary token trading in the Drakula ecosystem. Farcaster is the underlying decentralized social protocol that gives Drakula users control over their data.

Draklua is currently paying onchain creators to post content through a $1 million $DEGEN Onchain Creator Fund campaign.

I highly recommend checking out Draklua if you’re looking for a web3 TikTok alternative.

Focus Is The Future Of Social Media

Focus is another blockchain-based social media app that could compete with TikTok, but also Patreon, Onlyfans and X all at once.

Focus will support all social content formats, not just short form videos.

This decentralized SocialFi app is built on the DeSo Protocol — A fully decentralized social graph and blockchain-based social network.

The DeSo team previously raised $200m from Coinbase Venture, Sequoia, and other top VC funds in 2021. DeSo Protocol holds 2,500 Bitcoin in it’s treasury and has almost 20 years of runway to build Focus into mainstream social media app used by potentially billions of people.

The Focus app (launching on DeSo in June 2024) aims to disrupt the social media landscape and creator economy by combining features of web2 social platforms like TikTok, Onlyfans, Patreon, and X with native web3 monetization features, only made possible by the DeSo blockchain.

Onchain Social > TikTok

So, how does this make you feel about TikTok?

Do you use TikTok? If so, will you continue using the platform?

Regardless, will you also consider the web3 TikTok alternatives?

The writing is on the wall. TikTok is a ticking time bomb for western democratic values, freedom, privacy and mental health.

It’s time to consider decentralized alternatives like Drakula and Focus. These apps will not only protect your data, but also pay you directly for your contributions on the platform as an onchain content creator.

My advice — Don’t get left behind.

Get the f*ck off TikTok and embrace the future of social media.

It’s here!



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